Actionable Insights

Funderdog Analytics provides a simple overview of the state of your online fundraising. General revenue data, recurring revenue, source, along with KPIs and trend analysis.

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Hot! Online Fundraising data, website data, email data all in one place

Analytics Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your subscriber base, donor base, campaign performance, revenue—the key metrics that indicate the overall health of your online fundraising activity.


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  • Manage online donors

    Funderdog provides actionable insights, giving you the visibility you need to continually optimize and learn from your donors

  • Track recurring revenue

    Build a steady source of revenue for your programs and track performance.

  • Monitor multiple campaigns

    Build duplicate widgets for different campaigns. Campaigns are a way of creating separate and trackable donation flows. 

  • Simple tracking

    Track recurring donors, one-time donors all in one place. Recurring donations will be recorded in your Funderdog account.

  • Email Automation

    Funderdog recurring giving comes with unlimited automatic thank you emails, receipts and card update emails in case the donation doesn't go through.

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A steady, predictable source of income.

Customize the date range, intervals, and frequency to view the data in a way that’s most meaningful to your organization.

Supporters can give monthly without having to think twice. We even let donors manage their own payment information and make sure to set up an automated emailing system in case donations don't go through.