Recurring Donations

Satisfy donors and build loyalty by delivering donation options that better align the value of your programs and services with the way donors want to support you.

Accept recurring donations
Important Small donations are significant gifts in disguise.

More Opportunity and Choice

Modern nonprofits constantly test new donation levels and models to optimize revenue streams for long term program support. Funderdog takes the pain out of setting up recurring giving, so you can move faster.


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  • Recurring PayPal donations

    Start accepting recurring PayPal donations today. Recurring donations through PayPal are now a thing!

  • Set different giving levels

    Set giving levels your donors cannot refuse, empower them to give continuous support, and build a steady source of revenue for your programs.

  • Simple tracking

    Track recurring donors, one-time donors all in one place. Recurring donations will be recorded in your Funderdog account.

  • Email Automation

    Funderdog recurring giving comes with unlimited automatic thank you emails, receipts and card update emails in case the donation doesn't go through.

TIP Retention is high among monthly givers. Very few cancel their donations

A steady, predictable source of income.

Experience our flexible recurring giving feature that takes the pain out of experimenting with different donation levels.

Supporters can give monthly without having to think twice. We even let donors manage their own payment information and make sure to set up an automated emailing system in case donations don't go through.